June 29, 2015

Why custom edited photography?

These days, more and more people are purchasing DSLR's as they have become more affordable in price and grow in popularity. Something many have expressed is the difficulty they encounter in using their cameras.  Learning digital photography takes time. Knowing what I know took time to develop and the learning never stops!


Madame Zero

Dramatic flair

Black and White

Beverly Liner Photography

These shoots were probably the most fun I have had as a photographer! I was asked to be the on-set photographer capturing behind-the-scenes moments for the latest episodes of Captain Infinity. This series created by Steffon Thomas and the Calvary Church Team in Maumee, Ohio  for the VBS goers to enjoy as they unraveled a new episode every night as a part of their Vacation Bible School Program- Summer Blast. I worked with such crazy-talented people who love God and want to give something fun for the children to enjoy every year.

you can't stop the light!

​I try and provide a variety of editing styles unless you prefer only one editing style. When you are given your final product I want to give you beautiful works of heart that you will always cherish. I don't limit the amount of edits that you receive so that you have a wide variety to choose from. However, from time to time I will offer specials that reduce the amount of edits you receive, but these are special deals only. Know that when you choose to use my services I give my highest quality work.

More traditional

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                               June 29. 2015

When I was first interested in photography, I thought all I needed was a good camera. I really had no idea how to shoot creatively. It was 2 years before I shot in manual mode because I was intimidated by it. To have an interest in photography is fun and very exciting! Although, through my own learning processes, I have also had some very difficult moments trying to learn. There is so much involved in creating an image that really pops, that creates amazing moments that your client won't forget. One thing I have learned as a photographer these past 8 years is to never stop learning, changing, creating and developing ! I highly suggest learning a post processing software, like Adobe Photoshop CS6, which is my personal favorite. Don't give up! Moving on... 

When I create images for someone, I want to create memorable works of art. I carefully fine-tune each photograph to give it something special. I use a variety of editing tools and actions to create different types of photographs. I use black and white, vintage styles, soft and dramatic looks as well as classic portraits. When I see a picture, I  determine how the photograph is edited based on the subject, their personalities and environment. I almost never hand over RAW images to a client without carefully detailing each one. I offer retouching on every photograph if you desire without additional charges. I know you want to look your best and I want to give you my best!